Colorado Springs engagement shoot, David and Ellie

Tue Oct 12, 6:21 AM

I had a lot of fun roaming around the beautiful grounds at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs with David and Ellie. I love it when couples are very excited about having their pictures taken and are up for anything. I also love it when couples are natural flirts, which was easy for David and Ellie, especially since they are still a relatively new couple. They have a fun story about how they met (see the last photo.) I’m really looking forward to their wedding next summer in Colorado Springs!

Ellie and David’s paths first crossed when David came into the restaurant where Ellie was working with his parents for dinner. He left without a chance to introduce himself, so he returned a week later with this handwritten note with his name and phone number. And the rest is history.

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  1. Lindsay Whitehurst:
    >Beautiful pics, Linds! Artistic and adorable :)
    8 years ago

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