Denver Wedding Photography – Randy and Karen

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Tue Oct 23, 5:51 AM

Randy and Karen were married at Holy Ghost, a beautiful church where they both attend mass weekly in downtown Denver. From there, we went only a few blocks away to the Brown Palace Hotel, which is stunning. Karen is a special events coordinator, most recently for the Denver Arts Museum. So, it is no surprise that her day was planned splendidly. And I loved seeing her cut loose on the dance floor. Thank you, Karen and Randy! AD and I both had a great time with you on this special day. Thank you for having us. A huge thanks to AD, or Adonye Benson-JaJa, an extremely talented photographer who I am fortunate to call friend. You are always a joy.




















































































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  1. right on Lindsay! this looks great! you seriously killed it! Congrats Randy and Karen!
    9 years ago

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