Destination Wedding Photography – Charly and Courtney in Jamaica, DAY ONE

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Mon Aug 06, 3:08 AM

You may remember Charly and Courtney from their fun, engagement photos. If not check them out here. Steve and I had a great time with them on that snowy day. Five months later, we all reunited oceanside in Negril, Jamaica. It’s not often that you see a destination wedding with 70 guests. But, during the first 3 days of July, 70 of Charly and Courtney’s closest friends and family traveled from all over the U.S. and packed Moondance Cliffs Resort in Negril to witness and celebrate their love. It was a treat for us to document this occasion. Not only was the setting breathtaking, but the group of people involved were fun. Moondance Cliffs is an intimate resort on the cliffs and when Steve and I arrived late Saturday, the resort was eerily quiet. But 12 hours later, ┬áthat all changed when two busses dropped off a crowd of Charly and Courtney’s friends. In a matter of minutes, the party had started and it didn’t stop for three days. ┬áSince we photographed all three days, I’m going to share the photos in three different blog posts. We are truly honored, Courtney and Charly, that you asked us to photograph your special celebration. And thank you to all of your friends and family for being so warm and welcoming. You were all wonderful. Here is day ONE.



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