Kansas City Family Photography – The Wientzens

Sun Feb 06, 11:35 PM

The very first faces I saw in 2011: The Wientzens. Well, that’s not entirely true. At exactly 12:00 a.m. on 1/1/11, I was looking through my camera lens at this image (click here.) : But after a few hours of recharging, batteries and body, I was on my way to the Wientzen household, a nostalgic drive down memory lane. I met Tim 13 years ago (possibly on this very weekend in February) at a high school party. He has been a top-notch friend ever since. The Wientzen home hasn’t changed much – warm and fun as always. But these days, around Christmas time there are a lot more Wientzens inside. Tim, his brother Dan and sister Kate have all married. Arty and Sis are now grandparents! Kate and Joel have three little balls of energy – Emma, Jack and Sam. Dan and Sara have an adorable baby boy, Landon, who smiles all the time. This photo shoot was a Christmas present from Tim, Kendra, Kate, Joel, Dan and Sara to their wonderful parents. I was honored to do this and had a blast spending time with the Wientzen family again.

Tim and his awesome wife, Kendra:

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