Kansas City Photography – Carolyn and Rich

Sat Dec 11, 8:29 AM

I went to high school with Carolyn. After graduation, many years passed before we saw each other again last summer, while I was photographing both Michaela’s wedding and Claudia’s wedding. Carolyn and Rich live in North Carolina, but they are nearly finished planning their December 31, 2010 wedding in Kansas City! I am so excited to be ringing in the new year with this couple and documenting their love. I love the way Carolyn gets up on her tip-toes when she kisses Rich. And the way they giggle around each other is just awesome….and contagious. It makes me miss my husband! See you two in a few weeks! 🙂

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  1. Hilary:
    >These are great! Looking forward so much to the wedding!

    11 years ago

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