Lucas and Monica – Santa Fe engagement photography

Fri Jul 15, 4:47 AM

One of my favorite things about working at the Daily Times: my coworkers. They were incredibly talented, hard-working journalists who knew how to have a great time. We became like family. And I can’t imagine the experience without Lucas, my fellow photographer, neighbor and dear friend. I can’t fully describe how wonderful Lucas is – but anyone that knows him, knows that his laugh is contagious. So, last month while I was in Albuquerque photographing another wedding, I was able to finally meet the woman who will spend the rest of her days laughing with Lucas. They make a beautiful couple. I’m so happy for them and looking forward to their wedding next month!

Lucas and Monica just found out that the apple orchard where their wedding was planned was devastated by the Los Alamos fire. So, they are doing some last-minute, major adjustments. While they juggle their plans, I hoped to bring them a smile and glimpse of their own love.

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