Molly and Joel, New Orleans Wedding Photography

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Fri Jun 20, 4:17 AM

What can I say about this couple. I adore them. Not only are they fun to be around, they are genuine and kind people. They are a perfect twosome. I’m happy they found each other and happy they found us to be their wedding photographers. Molly is from Kansas City and went to school with my brother. Joel is also from Missouri and a huge Mizzou fan. They planned a perfect weekend for their closest friends and family to watch them tie the knot and help them celebrate. It was in New Orleans so it was wild, but somehow still very intimate. We should not be surprised because Molly recently teamed up with a local woman in Denver running an event coordination business, Hourglass Productions. I would DEFINITELY recommend you seek her out for help with wedding planning or any other party coordination! Not only is she lovely to be around with great energy, but she is also very organized.

They rented out the Kerlerac House (I also recommend this place) for their wedding party for the weekend. They had a crawfish boil at the house the night before the wedding. The morning of the wedding, Molly and Joel took special care not to see each other. Joel’s groomsmen wrapped a blindfold around his eyes and Molly’s best friend, Nina, escorted the two into a taxi, Molly in the front, to go to City Park. Molly walked ahead as Joel tripped his way to a magical little bridge in the quiet, ¬†northern part of the huge park. Molly untied Joel’s blindfold and they had a special moment. After taking pictures in the park, we met the wedding party back at the house and walked to Broussard’s (I also recommend this place!) These guys marched a mile in high heels and heat like it was nothing. They even hopped a trolley and went out of the way for the sake of the experience.

In the courtyard at Broussard’s, Molly’s family pastor from KC married the lovebirds. Joel looked at Molly walking down the aisle like he couldn’t believe his eyes. He later told me about how surprised he was by the overwhelming emotions at that moment.

Leaving the ceremony, everyone grabbed a drink and a handmade handkerchief. Big Fun brass band (Also totally recommend!) was waiting at the street. They led us on what is known as a 2nd line musical march around the French Quarter. Completely rad. People lined the streets and clapped, took pictures, danced and sometimes joined the parade. Eventually, the band brought us back to Broussard’s, where they partied the rest of the evening away.

Thank you, Molly and Joel, for trusting us to document this special weekend. xoxo

Oh – if you’d like to check out their Denver engagement photos, click here.¬†


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