Molly and Joel, Cheesman Park Engagement Photos

Sat Nov 02, 7:03 PM

These two are just awesome: Molly and Joel. A couple weekends ago I spent a few hours with this delightful duo strolling around their neighborhood, Cheesman Park. Joel proposed to Molly in the pavilion at Cheesman quite a while back. So, this spot is meaningful to them. I could sense that. The day we hung out was the first day that felt like the coming of winter – some might describe the weather as ugly. Yes, it was wet and cold. But, it wasn’t ugly. We had to dodge some heavy rain, but Molly and Joel weren’t a bit scared. They embraced it. The trees were pretty, the sidewalks glistened and the sky turned into this delicious, moody blue and purple at dusk. Molly said it resembled the evening when they became engaged a year prior.

I loved shooting these two. And, not only because they are such a handsome couple and fun to be around. Molly has become a special person to us over the last few months. She went to middle school with my brother in Kansas City and contacted me around the time Maevery was born to see if I would shoot their wedding next year in New Orleans. Yes! A social worker and certified, professional nanny, she offered to work on a trade. So, she has been occasionally spending time with little Maevery while I edited a couple fall weddings and went on bike rides/runs! This was a HUGE help while Steve was away overseas. I couldn’t imagine leaving Mae with anyone at first. But, Molly is so sweet and wonderful with her. Steve and I knew she was in good hands the first time Molly came over. She taught us a thing or two right off the bat. 🙂 So, thanks Molly. Also, Joel is a cook and manager at Vine Street Pub. And he’s a super fun, nice person. Go check him out. Can’t wait for ya’lls wedding. xoxo


Oh, and this is Remy. Molly brought him into the relationship. But, he is clearly their child now.



































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