New York City Engagement Photography – Elizabeth and Josh

Thu Dec 08, 2:48 AM

Several months ago, I had a long, fun phone conversation with Elizabeth, who lives with her fiancé Josh in New York City, about photographing her Kansas City wedding next fall. Towards the end of the conversation, I mentioned that a close friend of mine recently moved to NYC, to which Elizabeth responded that I clearly needed to fly out for an engagement shoot. Yep. Enough said.

I met Elizabeth when I was too young to drive, but old enough to babysit. My mom would drop me and my younger brother Tyler, who is her age, off to play/babysit/eat pizza.

About 15 years had passed since I’d seen Elizabeth before I met her in Central Park on Halloween weekend. She looks so much the same and is still just as fun. She has grown into such a beautiful woman with the same gorgeous smile! Josh was raised in Brooklyn and took us on a really wonderful stroll through the neighborhoods where he ran around as a young boy. I love seeing these two together. They are playful, genuine and in love. Thanks for letting me tag along on your walk through the city! I’m looking forward to documenting your big day in Kansas City! 🙂

Have 3 minutes? Watch a slideshow of images from our walk here! 🙂


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