Persephone and Klearchos, Greece

Tue Sep 21, 12:03 AM

I am a lucky girl for having the incredible family that I have… The location of where they live is just the icing on the cake!

My dear cousin Persephone was married in a villiage named Oitylo in Laconian Mani, Southern Peloponnese, Greece.
Oitylo is where Persephone’s husband, Klearchos is from and where his yia yia still lives. The entire weekend was amazing. In fact, the entire 2 weeks we were in Greece were amazing. The night before the ceremony, Klearchos’ yia yia invited us all over to her home for supper. There were probably 70+ people on her front porch eating a feast for kings….drinking Klearchos’ father’s homemade wine and moonshine….and dancing until 4 a.m. (because we had to rest for the next day!) Steve and I had a blast with my family and the new Greek friends we were making.

The ceremony was at a church that Klearchos’ family had inherited many years ago. We drove up into the hills and then parked the car and walked 10-minutes through the rough hillside. Once we stepped through a doorway, we were on the front deck of an old, little white church on the edge of the mountain and looking out into an ocean bay, not a building in site. It was the most gorgeous wedding ceremony I have ever attended. Because the church is only big enough for about 10 people inside, the ceremony was outside on the terrace in front of the building. Still a small space, it was a very intimate affair with only family and a few friends. We were so honored to be there.

After the ceremony, we headed back to the hotel where we all were staying and 200+ people were waiting for us to start the party. The grass terrace between the hotel and the ocean had been transformed into a stunning wedding reception. In Greece, everyone knows how to relax and have fun. I learned many things: If there is a schedule, it is loose. When you think you’ve just eaten the main course, you are wrong; it’s still a few courses away. You drink a frappe late in the evening because there is a good chance you will be up when the sun comes up. We had a blast. Even my mom, who usually hits the sack by 10 p.m., was still dancing when she realized the sun was coming up.

I love you guys! What an incredible trip! Can’t wait to go back:)

Aunt Sherry seeing her beautiful daughter….

My parents, hiking to the church:

Persephone walking to the church in two of her brothers arms:

From the rooftop of the church:

She had this gorgeous dress made:

Paris and his cute girlfriend…

From my grandma’s hotel room:

I love Greek dancing!

Into the early hours of the morning….

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