Personal photography – My family, in Greece

Sun Dec 26, 6:34 AM

This 10-minute movie was a Christmas present for my parents and grandma. It highlights a few of the many awesome moments we shared while on vacation in Greece last summer. It may be a little long for the normal viewer….but if you have the time, I hope you enjoy it! It was my first time shooting video with my 5D Mark II, inspired by the moments in the opening scene of my mom, aunt Sherry and grandma singing songs while making spanikopitas. Experiencing that sweet moment in time, I realized video was in order! There are some things I would change if I had a second chance to put this together. But, bottom line, I’m so happy these moments were captured. 🙂 Also, Merry Christmas.

Trip of a Lifetime from Lindsay Pierce on Vimeo.

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