Traditional Indian Wedding Photography in Kansas City, MO

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Sun Jul 01, 5:24 AM

I’ve been looking forward to this wedding for months. The bride was a classmate and good friend of mine in high school. We started our day next to each other in Mr. Bill’s first period AP Latin class and ended it running side by side in cross country practice, having fun all along the way. This girl is a compassionate and fun friend, a true professional and a great dancer with good taste in music. I have a fond memory of our cross country bus parked at a gas station on our way to the state tournament and she was teaching us girls how to dance with style. “It’s all in the shoulders,” she said. 🙂 Our contact has faded through the years, but it was awesome to be able to fly into Kansas City to witness and document her traditional Indian wedding, which was AMAZING! What an incredible experience. The emotion and excitement during the procession brought me to chills and I don’t think I stopped smiling all day. Thank you for giving Sally and I this honor to photograph such a special occasion. See Sally’s work here.







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  1. Sherry cossyphas:
    What an amazing glimpse!
    6 years ago

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