The Veen Family

Sun Jul 11, 7:56 PM

The day before Steve and I left for Greece, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph the Veen family. The Veens are very good friends of our very good friend, John Scremin, so I felt like I knew them before we met. Amy and Conrad have 4 sons – Austin, Brennan, Collin and Dawson (yes, that’s A, B, C and D) with 4 awesome personalities.
Amy, needless to say, is rather outnumbered by boys. But she has no trouble holding her own.
What a cool family. They were all the good things I’d already heard about them from John, and more. Watching them interact, it is so evident that each one of them is truly proud to be a part of their family….as they should be! 🙂 And I think this shows through in these photos.
Thanks for a fun afternoon guys and girl! Can’t wait to see you again!

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