Baby Memphis

Sun Mar 11, 10:29 PM

I went to Phoenix last weekend to photograph a close friend’s wedding. (A post with photos from Nathan and Ofelia’s wedding coming soon.) The wedding was amazing. And as an extra special bonus, I was able to meet a special 4-month-old and spend the weekend with a few of my best friends. The one and only Sally Morrow, a wonderful photographer and dear friend since the 6th grade, came out to assit me with the wedding. Another of our other best friends from high school lives in Phoenix with her wonderful husband Joe and new baby, Memphis!! So, we were able meet our new nephew, who is only four-months-old!! It was so cool to see how Caitlin and Joe have transformed beautifully into parents. Memphis is amazing and is one lucky guy, in a very loving home. My husband Steve and another girlfriend from Kansas City, Emilie, also joined in for the weekend fun. Most of these pictures are just from around the house. But eventually, Caitlin, Joe and I made it out of the house for a walkabout in a little ghost town near where Joe grew up in Apache Junction. 🙂 Enjoy!

I love the way Caitlin decorated Memphis’ room. Everything in it is handmade by her or one of their friends.

Memphis is such a good helper – always holding his legs up while getting his diaper changed. 🙂

OBSESSED with his robot curtains….which are quite the distraction while on the changing table.

Uncle Steve loves Memphis.They would play all day long….

Caitlin carries Memphis EVERYWHERE and the both love it.

Memphis has a single-track mind right now…..with Auntie Em

Three generations: 


Manicure time:

Look how pretty my hands are:


Really proud of his own fist:

At the house where Joe grew up:

Me and Memphis 🙂




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  1. Joe...the Dad:
    I can't stop looking at these pictures, and I know everyone I know has to be sick of me showing them. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job.
    10 years ago

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