Loveland, Colorado Wedding Photography: Molly and Luke

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Thu Sep 08, 5:34 AM

I have not been posting on the blog lately, because I’ve been so busy shooting. So, I have a lot in store over the next couple months, including a new website launch. Today, I want to share some photos from an awesome wedding in Loveland, Colorado. I had the good fortune to photograph this wedding with and for my friend and fellow photographer, Adonye Benson-Jaja You can see AD’s stunning documentation of the day in his blog post here. The emotion and energy at this wedding was beautiful and it was a joy to witness and photograph. Congratulations to the sweet couple, Molly and Luke Christian.

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  1. Adonye Jaja:
    >super well done, Lindsay! I love your captures, these pictures make me sooo happy!!
    10 years ago
  2. T.J. Romero:
    >I love the photo of the couple walking down the dirt road! How fantastic!
    10 years ago

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