My girl, Abby

Fri Mar 04, 11:37 PM

For the past year, we’ve had the good fortune of having a dear friend, John Scremin, share our house with us. This has been awesome because it has meant one more lively, gourmet-cooking, whiskey-drinking and belly-laughing individual to sleep under this roof and warm this house. We’ve had some awesome times. In October, Steve and I suggested to John, who had recently lost his older dog, that he should adopt another. We knew they wouldn’t live with us forever.But, what better way for Steve and I to ease our way into doggie parenthood (or not?) So, while I was shooting a pet adoption event for Purina in October, John and I checked out a labrador retriever he had already been ogling over on the rescue organization’s website. I took this picture of her at the event. A few days later, Abby was laying by my side as I edited photos in my office. I had no idea what to expect with a big dog around the house. I didn’t know how much I could love a dog. I also didn’t know how it would feel to be loved so much by a dog. John and Abby moved to Arizona this past week. I miss them both. Thank you, Abby, for opening my eyes to your world and for your unconditional love. Steve and I will most definitely get a dog after our summer of travels. We just have to find him or her! I told Steve maybe we should look at lab retrievers, to which he responded that my heart is so easy to steal. 🙂 Duh! Look at this girl:

Abby LOVES snow. That’s why John will have to take her on vacation from Arizona to visit us in Denver!

She wanted so badly to make friends with our 2 cats. Unfortunately, the kitties weren’t haven’t it.

This was at Abby and John’s going away party. Abby played all day and night with her best friend in Colorado, Thule:

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  1. Drostin:
    >I can't figure out how much of these awesome pics are from the beauty of that endearing 4-legged creature or the polished skill of the professional photographer.
    11 years ago
  2. SeraSirrah:
    >Love these pics!! Man, that dog loves you!!
    11 years ago

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