Nathan and Ofelia – Phoenix Wedding

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Thu Apr 05, 5:21 AM


I met Nathan during one of my favorite chapters of my life – working at The Daily Times in Farmington, New Mexico. During the five years that I worked in Farmington, a lot of young, eager and talented journalists passed through the newsroom, but Nathan was among the finest. We have remained good friends as our paths have taken us to different places. I remember the first time Steve and I visited Nathan in Phoenix several years ago. It was also the first time he ever told us about any lady friend. He giggled and talked about a girl that shared a cubicle wall with him, proudly stating that she was chasing him. They were going to movies. But, he assured us, they were just friends. mmmhmmmm. right. Yes, we were suspicious. But, I sure didn’t realize that I would be photographing his wedding to this girl years later! Disclaimer: I did not get to hear Ofelia’s version of this alleged start to their relationship!

Family is obviously the most important thing in both Nathan and Ofelia’s lives. They each have rich relationships with not only their immediate family but also with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, nieces, nephews and distant relatives. I love the way Nathan and his grandfather smile when they tenderly punch one another in the jaw (an old family tradition.) I loved the way Ofelia’s mother giggled while her sister put on her makeup (and shoes) a few minutes before the ceremony. I love the way Nathan got down onto his knees to dance with his oldest niece during the Dollar Dance. And I was overwhelmed by the love and excitement in the air during the traditional Spanish dance when every person at the wedding formed one, continuous line and snaked around the room, clapping, smiling and dancing. Obviously, there were too many special moments to name. Nathan and Ofelia’s love is real and the support they have is mighty.

Nathan and Ofelia, I am happy to call you my friends. Thank you for giving me a front row seat to such a special day.

Nathan is very close with his neices and nephews. He also doesn’t take that long to get ready. So, he spent his morning casually, and proudly watching his oldest niece get fancy! 🙂 Next 3 photos by Sally Morrow.



Next photo by Sally Morrow:

The rings!! Photo by Sally Morrow:

Nathan is very close with his grandfather. He spent a lot of his childhood at his grandparent’s house. Apparently, grandpa’s choice gesture of affection has always been some knuckle love to the face. Nathan keeps the tradition live.

Photo below by Sally Morrow:

Photo below by Sally Morrow:


Nathan with his father and Ofelia with her father:

Nathan’s brother in the parking lot:


Nathan propsed to Ofelia at Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas. What are the chances that this would be the pen the priest would lend to them when signing the marriage license!? Nathan pleaded with the priest to keep the pen as a momento. 🙂


Cake Cutting. At first they stuck to the plan – play nice. But then, as Nathan put it, “the crowded wanted more and I couldn’t let them down.”

Apparently Nathan’s grandpa is also known for having an outrageous sweet tooth, which led him to eat a cake topper decades ago that he was supposed to be guarding in the freezer while his son and daughter were away on their honeymoon. Nathan and Ofelia weren’t willing to risk grandpa eating their cake topper, so they had one specially made just for him! 🙂

Next two photos by Sally Morrow:

Dave Watson, as always, breaking it down:

Nathan with his niece during the dollar dance:

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  1. Dennis Gallegos:
    These photos are AWESOME! The subjects and the quality of the photos are top quality
    9 years ago
  2. Nice work on the post Lindsay. These are awesome. Loved working with you as usual. :)
    9 years ago
  3. Absolutely beautiful moments here. These two are ridiculously cute and it looks like you captured them perfectly. :)
    9 years ago
  4. Ofelia Madrid:
    Hiring Lindsay was one of the best decisions we made while planning the wedding. She was captured all our moments and did it with a huge smile and fabulous attitude. And not to mention how awesome the photos look. We can't thank her enough.
    9 years ago

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