Paris, France.

Sat Apr 16, 1:54 AM

Paris is one heck of a place to meet your husband after four months apart. Neither Steve, nor I had ever been there, so, we re-arranged his layover on his way home from work overseas to include a 10-day stay in the City of Lights. Our flights landed within an hour of each other at Charles de Gaulle Airport. During 10 fantastic days, we walked many miles, ate lots of good food, drank good wine and soaked in our surroundings. We had little to no plans, so we turned each day into an adventure. Because of the nature of this trip, I included a couple portraits of my dear husband in this post. The rest are my favorites from the streets of Paris. I challenged myself to shoot more street photography, feeling the inspiration of some of the great Paris street photographers that I admire. Street photography is quite challenging. The one photograph that I am most pleased with is the first one posted above here. I am going to try to do this more often, near and far, in the cities where I spend my time. Thank you, as always, for looking! If you ever have the opportunity, make a romantic trip to Paris! XOXO 🙂

My dear husband, Steve:

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  1. Nathan:
    >Pierce, your pictures are amazing! Don't forget me when you become rich and famous.
    11 years ago
  2. Pate Pitman Logan:
    >Lindsey these pictures are great!
    11 years ago
  3. Lindsay Pierce:
    >Thank you, Nathan and Pate, so much! :)
    11 years ago
  4. Rachel:
    >Hey Linds! Love the feet. The first photos captures both the French attitude towards foreigners and towards labor. Good work!
    11 years ago
  5. Erin Volante Floral:
    >Lindsay, these are AMAZING! Sooooo beautiful... I am even more desperate than ever to get to see Paris one day. You are exceptionally talented!
    11 years ago
  6. Sarah:
    >Simply lovely!!! I wish I could do individual comments on so many of them! You are talented, sis. Meanwhile, the picture of Steve walking is a personal fave. :)
    11 years ago

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